Overcome The Past ... Once And For All

Are you struggling with any of these common symptoms of trauma and PTSD?


Panic Attacks
Chronic Pain
Eating Disorders / Weight Gain


Anger and Irritability
Emotional Overwhelm
Shame or Self-Hatred
Cutting or Suicidal Thoughts


Intrusive Memories
Loss of Concentration or Focus
Loss of Memories


Self-Destructive Behavior (Self-Sabotage)
Substance Abuse
Eating Disorders
Startle Response

Release Trauma Once and For All

You No Longer Have To Suffer The Physiological Effects Of Trauma

Many people's progress in life is hindered by fear, doubt, painful or even traumatic experiences in the past. This can cause them to repeat cycles of failure. People's reactions to painful or traumatic memories are often subconscious and create things like adrenalin rushes, defensiveness, aggression, anger and the like. When a painful memory is triggered, even though that experience is in the past and has nothing to do with the present, a person’s body chemistry may react as though that event is happening now in real life.

Baz is trained and experienced in a simple TRAUMA-FOCUSED RESTORATIVE PROTOCOL that has proven 95% effective in relieving fear, anxiety, anger, nightmares, hypervigilance, PTSD, and the like. Painful memories will no longer be a barrier for you in the pursuit of health and happiness.

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Trauma Recovery Testimonials

I am writing to share what an incredible transformation I have had in life my life at the age of 36 years old after doing 2 sessions with Baz for Trauma Recovery. I had been in and out of therapists since the age of 18. Striving to grow and heal my deep and dark childhood wounds. Reading books, searching for mentors. NOTHING helped until I met with Baz. I had some serious deep issues that were affecting my views, my jaded perspectives that went into my personal and business relationships. I was lacking self esteem-immensely. Flowing through life without a purpose. I would walk with my head down and shoulders down. I had experienced verbal and physical abuse, abandonment from my father and a traumatic experience in 94’. My brothers were almost killed by an Asian gang. 14 bullet holes in my brother’s car and one of them has nerve damage on his left arm. He can’t move it much.

Those sessions broke me and healed me. I say broke because I remember I was crying my heart out. I was balling BUT then it was this beautiful release. It triggered something inside of me that had NEVER been done before. It wasn’t temporary healing!

2 years later, I am a confident, joyful, human being, a realtor, knowing my purpose and yearning to make a difference in this world. I walk with my head up and shoulders back now. This Trauma Recovery Protocol WORKS and I believe it is our duty to share what has worked for each of us for greater good of this world. I truly hope that you will take a serious consideration in doing what needs to be done to make this program available to those in need. We have an opportunity to change the world, one person at a time.

Thank you again Baz. I can’t even try to explain what you have done in my life. God sent. A miracle and I will pay it forward!  

I went through the trauma recovery model and I would like to share two different ways this helped me. I had a trauma caused by an old boyfriend.  This was interfering in my marriage. I was reacting to my husband as if he was abusive and intimidating even though he was not. I looked for help, went through the trauma model and I started seeing my husband with new eyes, seeing who he really was and not how my hurt feelings made me see him before.  This made a HUGE difference in my marriage. 

For more than 25 years I had problems with time management. I was convinced I couldn't do anything about it. I was late to every single commitment I had and late for work, for appointments, etc.  I looked for help through the trauma model and for the first time in my life I felt empowered and hopeful.  I still struggle every now and then but NEVER as before.  I am now empowered when in the past I felt fearful thinking I was never going to be able to change.

For 45 years I was bogged down daily with rejection and abandonment issues from a bad divorce between my Mother and Father. I lived with my mother, and my Father did not want any relationship with me. Which resulted in me trying my whole life to be good enough to be loved by him or the other side was to prove I could love him better than anyone else.  It really wasn’t about anything I had done. Their anger and bitterness runs very deep towards each other still to this day. I was deeply wounded through my life from this and it showed in all my failed relationships.  My rejection and abandonment issues were the outcome of their ability to not communicate and forgive. 

I learned this when I went through the trauma recovery session and learned after going through this model that these issues were my parents' issues not mine, and that who I am is good enough to be loved and valued. My heart does not hurt or hunger for unattainable love. I am happy and free to love and be loved and to make a difference through my testimony.

I struggled with depression, avoidance behaviors, residual anxiety including physical symptoms and trauma memory/flashbacks from past physical injuries, verbal abuse, rejection issues and failures.

While there are further layers to peel away, the issues that we worked through in the trauma session resulted in complete peace when recalling the difficult memories.

I have experienced improved behaviors in response to previous emotional triggers and now I know that I can kindly ask for respectful behaviors from those who continue to verbally assail. Regardless of whether they comply, my choice to ask empowers me inside. I have succeeded in areas where I had avoided even trying prior to trauma recovery, such as singing solo on stage.

A lot of new difficult life situations have come my way one right after another in the past year. My faith plus the skills I learned for owning my choices and responses have continued to keep me centered and balanced when nothing else is around me.

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