Bazzel Baz

Education and Career Summary


1975-1978 The Citadel (Military College of South Carolina)

  • Bachelor Science Degree in Physical Education
  • Honored Commandants Distinguish Service List
  • Graduate top 20th percentile in class
  • Served as Platoon Commander responsible for the welfare, leadership and day to day activities of 40 cadets
  • Selected to United States Marine Corps Bulldog Program OCS
  • Varsity Soccer, NCAA Finals

1973-1975 Dekalb Jr. College, Atlanta Georgia

  • Associate of Science Degree in Pre-Med
  • Obtained Senatorial (Sam Nunn) Nominations to attend United States Military Academy West Point, United State Air Force Academy, United States Naval Academy
  • Varsity Soccer, 1st Tm

1970-1973 South West Dekalb High School

  • Accelerated Education (skipped 7&8th grade)
  • Varsity Soccer, 1st Tm State Finals


2008-Present Creative Consultant

Responsible for creation and implementation of immersive technologies to communicate alternative futures and solutions for government and business applications.
  • One of seven elite specialist responsible for development and marketing of cutting-edge highly successful sensory technology known as the IED Battle Drill, that has proven to save countless lives on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Created and implemented a first of its kind immersive program to better understand, predict and plan for unconventional outcomes via enriched virtual experiences and customized training tools to mitigate risk. Generated 2.5 million dollars in annual sales over the last four years as well as orchestrated the support team and over 300 participants for this project.
  • One of three subject matter experts to negotiate the sale of a multi-million dollar classified product to Department of Homeland Security and other U.S. Intelligence organizations involved in the war on terrorism.
  • Identifies intelligence gaps and shortfalls in order to better identify methodologies to enhance intelligence collection efforts, tradecraft exploitation.
  • Initiates and creates source profiling to facilitate HUMINT source targeting efforts by focusing collection efforts in order to prioritize collection throughout the AO
  • Life Guarantor (PSD) for 9 Billion Dollar Client – Samantha Kluge
  • Life Guarantor (PSD) Client List Confidential
  • Director of Operations the David House Agency- an international crisis resource organization supporting private and corporate clients facing complex political and legal situations abroad, particularly cases in which private interests and cultural undertones complicate the obtainability of justice and relief. The focus areas include Arbitrary Detainment, Wrongful Conviction/Institutional Kidnapping, International Adoption and Custody Disputes, Risk Management, Parental Kidnapping and Illegal Confiscation.

2008-2011 Vice President GroupH3 (High Security Solutions)

  • Senior Advisor to Former U.S. Ambassador Bill Wilson, celebrities and foreign dignitaries regarding security contingency plans that drastically reduced loss of life.
  • Directed H3 Protective Security Division as a multi-functional, global response division with two decisive factors: A comprehensive group of professionals & military specialists in the business of security, protection, intelligence, investigations, and defense. By design, this division functions to confront the security challenges faced by governments and private entities. The client’s requirements, mission and needs are understood and appreciated by H3 Security; from securing infrastructures, VIP Protection, anti-piracy, civil affairs operations, surveillance, encrypted communications, gear & equipment, security, law enforcement & military training, consulting, K9 operations and NGOs.
  • Established offices & representatives in Mexico, United States, Canada, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, Taiwan, Spain, Germany, England, Chile, Argentina, Singapore, Poland, Italy and Kurdistan. The professionals that make up these divisions are ready to respond immediately to virtually anywhere around the globe to accomplish the client’s goals and meet their needs.
  • Created a flexible business model that allows complete control of ongoing projects. With the use of high-tech support, operational experience, a high attention to detail to the client’s needs, combined with rigorous quality control, this division can approach each challenge with a focused analysis of the mission. They provide practical solutions that are economical, effective and timely.
  • Senior Advisor to Templar Titan, Inc. one of the most innovative and fastest growing companies in the corporate protection field.
  • In 2011 spearheaded a 4 man team of special operations personnel to safely rescue a high
  • profile banking executive held hostage on foreign soil.

1996-Present Executive Producer

  • Pen, Cloak & Dagger Productions: Focussing on original content development for unscripted television, dramatic, and feature film, generates a range of projects that enhances values for networks and production companies through dynamic brand-driven, original and informational content.
  • Host, Producer, Writer, Technical Advisor in film and television such as Jake 2.0, The Agency (CBS) Practical to Tactical & What Should You Do (History Channel) Combat Missions (USA) Avenger (TNT), etc.
  • Author – Dolphins In The Sky, The Narrow View, Me-More Children’s Series, Spies Guide To Dating, Spies Guide to Cooking, And So He Did, Scattering Other Men's Ashes, Something Bigger Than Overthrowing Small Governments

1996-Present Mitigation Planning and Risk Analysis Specialist

  • Reviewing and evaluating natural hazard mitigation plans
  • Providing technical advice and guidance to Government and Corporate officials in developing mitigation plans (CONUS/OCONUS)
  • Coordinating training workshops for Government and Corporate officials
  • Translating and effectively communicating the rules, regulations, and procedures for mitigation planning and other mitigation programs.
  • Creating strategic platforms for law enforcement in the fight against human trafficking
  • Over 200 hours of Media Interviews with MSNBC News, CNN, FOX,USA Network, CBS News, Ian Punnet Show, Abrams Report, Geraldo At Large, KISX, NBC, Extra, Lifetime, Marty Kaplan, Tech TV, Columbia TriStar
  • MSNBC Resident Expert on the War on Terrorism responsible for providing opinions and advice on a global scale to world leaders and local populace.
  • Author – Terrorism Survival Handbook
  • Key Note Speaker For The Cedars Foundation Preventing Abuse Conferences throughout the U.S.
  • Choice Speaker – Anti-Human Trafficking Conferences U.S. Wide

1995-2008 - Chief Executive Officer - SubRosa Institute

Responsible for the development of strategic planning and partnerships that shaped and improved the company earning base and mission objectives.
  • Redefined relationships and technologies in SubRosa Institute (a competitive intelligence company) that resulted in the company surpassing all financial expectations of any competing company its size.
  • Senior Advisor to Former U.S. Ambassador Bill Wilson, celebrities and foreign dignitaries regarding security contingency plans that drastically reduced loss of life.

1991-Present CEO/Founder Association For The Recovery Of Children
  • Responsible for managing, educating and overseeing safety, welfare and production of former intelligence, military and law enforcement personnel dedicated to the recovery of abducted, missing and exploited children, foreign and domestic.
  • Founded and organized internal corporate structure.
  • Managed thousands of dollars in donations
  • As Operations Commander, have personally led teams of highly skilled professionals in over 56 rescues in high threat areas with a 100% success rate to date
  • Developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP Manual) for hostage rescue and child recovery. Recognized as one of the most seamless and thorough guidelines in the anti-human trafficking industry.
  • Frequently interacted as a team player with the FBI, ICE, DHS in spearheading operations within Drug Cartel controlled territories in search of kidnapped children.
  • Entrusted by custodial parents to bring their children home, no matter what the sacrifice.

1985-1995 Central Intelligence Agency

Operative supporting the Central Intelligence Agency and other U.S. Government agencies in field intelligence collection operations throughout the Far East, Middle East, Northern Europe, Central/South America, Mediterranean and Africa.

  • Recipient of the Intelligence Commendation Medal For the performance of especially commendable service or for an act or achievement significantly above normal duties which results in an important contribution to the mission of the Agency.
  • Directly responsible for running clandestine operations that resulted in new political and economic initiatives ending the Cold War
  • As a member of SAD, directly involved in President Reagan's Covert Action program that is given credit for assisting in ending the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.
  • As the hostage negotiator for a major airline hijacking on foreign soil, successfully coerced a leading terrorist organization into letting its guard down long enough for Special Operations units to launch.
  • Brokered matters of national and international interest between fighting factions and successfully influenced military and political leadership in accepting and implementing policy and programs.
  • Trained foreign Presidential Security Forces, Special Forces and Combat Police for the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul South Korea.
  • Trained Polish Counter-terrorism units in oil platform takedowns.
  • Was relentless in pursuading a disenchanted U.S. Congress to apply new technologies…the deployment of anti-aircraft systems under life threatening conditions to support a U.S. Government 20 billion dollar covert initiative which resulted in defeat of one of the most powerful communist military forces on the planet.
  • Officer in charge of 30 million dollar worth of CIA Maritime assets for collection missions in support of Presidential Findings in addition to Secretary of Defense and National Security Agency signal intelligence operations.
  • Attached to the first team deployed to the Civil War in Somalia 1991 tasks to reopen and secure the U.S. Embassy
  • As part of a team, performed covert actions to include but not limited to, planning, infiltration, exfiltration, unconventional warfare, anti-smuggling, small unit tactics, aerial delivery, cost analysis and instructing foreign assets.
  • Supervised operational training in support of internal and field requirements responsible for National Security Planning Group mandated programs.
  • Managed a 17.3 million dollar CIA contingency ordinance program and personnel to include acquisition, transportation, maintenance, research and development.
  • Liaison with U.S. Joint Task Military units and foreign political leaders for clandestine operations involving planning and coordination with Senior U.S. Officials that budgeted $1.7 billion to fund the War on Drugs.

1978-1985 Captain - United States Marine Corps

Naval oriented expeditionary warrior of final resort providing maximum versatility in chaotic and uncertain conditions of crisis and conflict; trained in core competencies of gunnery on infantry weapons, combat operations, and battlefield awareness; employing a variety of weapons, and through communications links, supporting arms including artillery, naval gunfire, and close air support; sea-based, projecting onto vital littorals in any climate or place, capable of the full spectrum of combat, day or night, against opposing forces with a full spectrum of capabilities, including NBC; using maneuver warfare to locate, close with, and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver; either on foot or mounted on trucks, assault vehicles, assault craft, or vertical assault aircraft; able to secure and defend self and vital terrain by repelling the enemy's assault by fire, maneuver, and close combat; cultivated in a leadership continuum that develops the basic warrior through experience and coaching into a fully qualified noncommissioned officer and staff noncommissioned officer, a combat leader of Marines who trains and directs the actions of Marines in teams, sections, squads, and platoons, while coordinating with higher and adjacent units and supporting units.
  • Director of Resident Instruction Teams responsible for providing enlisted Marines progressive and career-level educational opportunities to improve their leadership, critical thinking capability, and sound tactical skills in an increasingly distributed and joint environment.
  • In response to the 1983 Beirut Barracks Bombing, I was selected as one of 4 members of an elite team of 4 Officers tasked to develop the first counter-terrorism curriculum for the Marine Corps.
  • Ground Defense Force Commander Leeward Guard Guantanamo Bay Cuba tasked to protect the U.S. Naval Base from potential military aggression/invasion from Communist Cuba. The area of responsibility included miles of barbed wire fence lines, guard and observation towers, along with thousands of active landmines, making it the second heaviest fortified border in the world, only surpassed by the Korean DMZ.
  • Navel Flight Student – Training


  • Intelligence Commendation Medal
  • CIA Exceptional Performance Award (3)
  • Honorable Discharge USMC
  • Merit of Honor Tunisia Special Operations
  • Military Tandem Master-haho/halo
  • Winter Warfare Instructor Qualification
  • Secret Service Firearms Instructor Qualification
  • Scuba Qualified
  • Honorary Military Police
  • Nine Lives Associates Personal Protection Graduate
  • Ranked 6th in the World Finals DHS Red Bull Streetluge South Africa
  • Chevalier (KTJ) Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem
  • Humanitarian Hero of the Year Award 2016 - Saving Innocence Gala
  • Rotary World Peace Appreciation Award - 2016
  • Advocate Spotlight Award - inCytes Magazine - 2016
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