Bazzel Baz

Describes Himself

I am who I am. More action than words. My life is storybook wrapped in a ribbon of love, integrity, adventure and peace, and I am thankful. Not that I haven't had challenges, but it's not what happens to you, it's what you do with what happens to you that counts. No time for drama, tons of time for fun and pushing the envelope when it comes to using all my talents. I don't live to work...I live to enjoy life...a passion for it in highlights.

image There is nothing better than the smell of jungle rain blanketing a coffee plantation that covers lost civilizations, or sleeping under a mosquito net in the cool evening of Masai Mara. I love being active but not just to stay busy. I climb because I love to climb. I surf because I love to surf. I train because I love to train. I sleep in a hammock in the cool of the ocean breeze because...I'm sleepy?

image I come from a well-cultured, well-mannered, deep-loving family and traveled the world at a young age, a priceless classroom of instruction for life. My father is a former Green Beret, my mom, a Southern Belle, and a sister that is everything good in this world. Oh yeah, both parents are pilots...frustrated angels without wings.

image I graduated from The Citadel, was a Captain in the Marine Corps and then recruited for other exciting and unpredictable services by Uncle Sam...all of which made me a better man. I lived more than most men will in three lifetimes. I like to believe that I can navigate the deepest of conversations but not at the expense of wasted energy. It's in my nature to approach a crisis situation with an analytical mind before getting emotionally wrapped around the axle.

image Being compassionate is important to me and the people I'm with. Critical, snide comments and spoiled attitudes don't mix well in my world. My achievements are a credit to my ambitions but they aren't the mark of who I am. That resides in my soul, my history, family and all the credit goes to them for caring enough to make sure I was raised to sacrifice for the greater good.

I forged ahead to build my own home, getting my hands dirty and loving it. My family and I have been blessed with ageless minds, bodies and spirits, and I go the distance with all of it.

Some of the best things we learn in our journey are how to develop a sense of humor, be athletic, love your family and enjoy simple things in life. We also learn the value of a partnership...two people pulling together despite their minor differences because they really love one another...always positive and confidently diplomatic. And most of all, we learn to be honest, keep our word and not to get bent out of shape when things don't fall exactly into our schedule. We recognize that beauty is more than skin deep and we balance our life without pushing the people who love us to the side.

image What happens inside your life is not as important as what happens inside you. Having your own life is important as well as is supporting what our loved ones like to do. We should never expect people to join us in the middle of a running gun battle when a 3rd world country falls, but it would be nice for them to be excited about being together...even if it's just paddling out early in the morning or joining us at the last moment on the beach while we show up with the coffee.

image Living life for the sake of life isn't what we’re going for here. Building a future and sharing in the fun, is. We want to love those around us with all of our heart, our partners, our friends, our family and take care of one another all the days of our journey. And they will know that all of my love is theirs by the touch of our hand or the way we pay attention to them as we sit on the kitchen floor in deep conversations over a midnight snack...the way we press in to hear every word they are saying and the look from across the room that says I will always have your six.

If you're willing to take the journey, then you've found a Life Coach that is extremely loyal, honest and kind and has the experience to get you there. It's part of my heritage as well as the fact that it's just the right way to be.

The tragedy of life is not death, but what dies inside us while we yet live. – Robert Cousins