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Discover that you

Have What It Takes

Every truth about you should be designed to create a fundamental shift in how you see yourself, life, others around you and how to live the best life possible while you are accomplishing your goals. Baz' life coaching will equip you for this. Find Your Motivation and Drive. Learn how to pace yourself and always move forward.

Learn to see with more than your eyes, hear with more than your ears.


Know Your Worth

"Somewhere along the way people lose who they are. They forget how valuable or how talented they are. I can give you a simple exercise in recognition--not arrogance, but simple recognition of how valuable and talented you’ve been made and how you can find yourself again. You will discover your dreams, and sometimes hidden goals never before hauled to the surface, given recognition or room to breathe.... a wakeup call to possibilities."

"This opens a door to how great and wonderful and productive a person can be, founded on the basic principle that we are created to do great things. Once we get our head wrapped around this and we believe it, nothing is impossible and we can do all things. Find yourself again." - BAZZEL BAZ


Quality of Life

With Baz' coaching, you can learn how to balance your life. Learn how to live a healthy life, properly caring for your body, mind, and spirit. When challenges bring you an uphill battle, you can learn to live life differently in a better way.

Leadership and Team Building

image Allow me to train you how to be proactive and not wait for someone else to tell you what to do. As a leader you will take the initiative to not only detect problems but to solve them, to meet challenges and look for new challenges.

You will learn to be a leader who is self-aware and welcomes input and advice from others. You will know your strengths and weaknesses. You will learn to see the same in others and build them up. You will decide what needs to be done, and get it done. A leader continually grows and develops.

Excellence Requires Risk

We must hold ourselves accountable. If we intend to be excellent leaders then excellence requires taking a risk, that risk being the motivation to first look at ourselves, the hard facts of whether we’re a good leader or a bad leader.

I have found the greatest leaders in my life to be warriors. If you accept the training I give you, people will follow you to the ends of the earth and do what you require of them.

A warrior’s strength is measured by the size of their heart. You show love, honor, and respect. You stand and fight in the face of adversity for the ones you love. You will be their voice. You will be their shield. You lead by example, always remembering who you are. If you do this, you will create a life that feels good on the inside, not one that just looks good on the outside.


Leadership Building for Millenials

What must I keep doing?
What must I stop doing?
What must I start doing?

Millenials believe that change is the answer to everything. But what is change? How will it affect you? How will it affect others?

Millenials are used to tossing the baby out with the bath water when they institute change. Look at the culture they live in...instant gratification, self-entitlement, rapidly-changing, disposable technology which promotes throwing things away rather than fixing them--android phones, computers, cars, etc. They believe that when the old way is discarded, they will automatically be given a higher position. After all, they are entitled to it.

You can change your pace but doesn’t mean you change the boots you are wearing. Everything in the old, corporate culture doesn’t have to change or go and should not be expected to. Millenials need to understand that. We must strive to build strong, long-term partnerships that put the clients’ needs and aspirations FIRST. We must cultivate a performance-driven culture that fosters integrity, collaboration, learning, work life, flexibility, creativity, innovation and an impassioned entrepreneurial spirit.